How to Buy From Lindsay's Classics

Get easy to follow instructions about how to purchase a car listed on website.
Below are easy to follow instructions on how to buy a classic car or truck from this website. If you have any questions, please email us at
Step 1
The first step to finding a classic car or truck to purchase is to perform a search on our website.  You can start your search on our Home page, or so a more detailed search on our Advanced Search page.
Step 2

Once you have found a vehicle you are interested in, please send a message to the seller.  Each listing has a Send Message button that will take you an online form that will send the seller a message.  Be sure to include your name, email address, phone number and a short message about your interest in the vehicle.  You can also use this form to ask the seller a question if there are more you would like to know.

Step 3

After you have message the seller with a questions or interest in buying the vehicle, please allow at least 24 hours for a response from the seller.  If the seller fails to respond within 24 hours, please reach out to us for assistance.  

Step 4

Once you are in communication with the seller, we will let you both work on ironing out the details for inspections, fund transfers, shipping and any other matters necessary to complete the transaction.  Lindsay’s Classics will not be involved in the actual sale of the vehicle.  We are here simply to facilitate the introduction of the buyer and seller.