How to Sell On Lindsay's Classics

Get easy to follow instructions about how to purchase and create a classic car or truck listing for sale on

Below are easy to follow instructions on how to sell a classic car or truck on this website. If you have any questions, please email us at

Step 1
The first step to finding a classic car or truck to purchase is to click Sell a Vehicle in the main menu or by clicking this link:
Step 2

Select one of our listing packages, Regular, Plus (our most popular package), or Premium and then click the LIST NOW button.

Step 3

Now it is time to enter in all of your vehicle’s details.  Be sure to create a descriptive title, write a good short and long descriptions and fill in as many details as you can about your classic car or truck.  

Step 4

Just below the details intake form is a place to add YouTube URL links to any videos you might have of your vehicle.  There is also the ability to upload up to 50 images of your classic.  Be sure all images fully upload before continuing on.

Step 5

If you have any electronic files pertaining to your vehicle, you can upload them.  Bill of sale, Service Records, etc.  Anything that is helpful in disclosing the vehicle’s history is a good idea to include.

Step 6

Use the map provided to enter your vehicle’s location.  It is easiest to type in your location in the search bar and then select your location from the auto-populated city choices.

Step 7

Confirm your package selection by once again selecting the Regular, Plus or Premium package.  Then enter in your credit card details and click Submit Your Payment Details.  Be sure not to click Submit Your Payment Details before the credit card form appears and you have entered in your credit card.

Step 8
After your payment transaction has been successful, be sure to click the Add Listing button at the very bottom of the form.  This will submit all your details and your listing will become set in a pending status for us to review.
Step 9

After you have paid for your listing package and click Add Listing, an email will be sent to the email address you supplied letting you know we received your submission.  Our team will review your submission and will change your listing from pending to approved.  Your vehicle will now be featured on our website for sale!  You will also receive an email letting you know that your listing is live.  If we find any issues with your submission, we will reach out to you promptly to make sure we can get all the details squared away.