Classic Vehicle Insurance

Find resources for insuring your classic car or truck.

Classic cars and trucks are a big investment.  Make sure you protect that investment with quality insurance coverage.  Protect your vehicle against loss from collision, theft, and other dangers.  Do not risk the loss that can occur without insurance.  Have peace of mind knowing your prized possession is protected by a company that specializes in insuring classic and collector vehicles.

Hagerty offers protection for car lovers like you—who want the freedom to take the road less traveled in the car that isn’t driven every day.  They use industry–leading tools to help you determine the true value of your classic, then create an agreed value policy that guarantees you will be paid every cent of your car’s insured value in the event of a covered total loss. They only protect collectible vehicles that are not driven daily, so policies through Hagerty provide better coverage at significantly lower prices than standard insurers.

American Collectors Insurance is backed by 40+ years of expertise, protecting collectors nationwide. Since 1976, they’ve been sharing their passion and excitement for classic cars and collectibles with collectors across the nation. They make it easy to get a quote in minutes. Their underwriting process is simple and straightforward, and they provide the peace of mind serious collectors deserve with their policies.

Grundy has specialized in protecting classic cars since 1947!! Specifically designed for collector vehicles, Grundy insurance saves you at least 50% of the cost of regular car insurance while delivering better protection!  With Grundy Agreed Value Insurance you get 100% of your car’s value in the event of a total loss.  Grundy’s coverage is never reduced – not in 1 year, not in 50 years, not ever – for as long as you maintain your policy!